Upcoming Classes at Northcote

2017 Program 

Classes are conducted at Angela's Kitchen Cooking School in Northcote and are hands-on. All classes include a shared meal and a glass of wine.

Let me know if you have any dietary requirements or are unsure if the classes suit your needs. It is often possible to adjust some of the recipes.

For enquiries and bookings contact:

Angela on 0417 106 147 or email


Hands-on Classes Melbourne

Our small group, hands-on cooking classes have a maximum of 8 participants and are 4.5 hrs ($135) in duration. 

Classes conclude with a shared meal and a glass or 2 of wine.


June 2017

Mediterranean Winter Booked out!
Sunday June 18th 11.00 – 3.30pm ($135)
Warm and nourish the soul with revithia (chickpea soup) and indulge in a lamb and yoghurt bake, hilopites - we will make this traditional pasta as well as its accompaniment of slow-cooked spiced chicken (kokkinisto). Baked beets with feta and a fresh Italian-style coleslaw will complete the meal. A syrupy walnut cake (karithopita) to finish. 

July 2017

Easy Mediterranean Weeknights    Booked out!
Sunday July 30th 11.00 – 3.30pm ($135)
A selection of easy and tasty meals that can be prepared in 30 to 45 minutes making them perfect for weeknight dinners. Dishes will include fakkes (lentil soup), celeriac and cauliflower in an egg and lemon sauce, pea and chicken stew, spanakorizo (spinach and herb rice), baked lemon & oregano fish with cooked greens and potatoes. The baklava takes a bit longer, so leave that for weekend baking and weeknight eating!

August 2017

Food of the Camino de Santiago  Booked out!
Sunday August 20th 11.00 – 3.30pm ($135)
Join Karen Manwaring author of 'A Slow Walk Across Spain', for an afternoon of conversation about the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage across Northern Spain while we cook some of the iconic dishes of the region. We will make an empanada (a delicious pie with eggs and tuna - a traditional food for pilgrims), potato tortilla, garlic and smoked paprika soup, Galician octopus, chickpea and chorizo stew, and a fennel and orange salad. To finish - churros with chocolate sauce. All participants will receive a copy of Karen’s book.

September 2017

Filo & Pittes  Booked out!
Sunday September 17th 11.00 – 3.30pm ($135)
This class is all about Greek pittes (pies) and the making of stretchy filo pastry. Wild greens from our garden will be used to make a spiral pie (hortopita). A creamy cheese pie (tyropita), a chicken pie (kotopita) from the island of Naxos and a custard pie (bougatsa) will make use of all the filo pastry. Side salads and a glass or two of wine will complete the lunch banquet.


October 2017

Mediterranean Spring  Booked out!
Sunday October 22nd 11.00 – 3.30pm ($135)
This class is all about celebrating this season's produce. Artichokes with broad beans and peas, a twist on the traditional mousaka with a spring vegetable version, asparagus with goat’s curd, baked fish, and a salad freshly picked from our garden. For a sweet ending we will make a ricotta cheesecake and serve this with baked rhubarb.


November 2017

Mediterranean Feast  Booked out!
Sunday November 12th 11.00 – 3.30pm ($135)
A collection of some classics, this class will find us making filo pastry for a spiral cheese pie (tyropita strifti) a hearty paella with chicken, chorizo and broad beans; sardines, simply baked with lemon and oregano; a selection of salads with fennel, beetroot and seasonal herbs; marinated eggplant. To finish, a Mediterranean twist on the classic trifle with lots of berries.


December 2017

Festive Table  Booked out!
Sunday December 10th 11.00 – 3.30pm ($135)
Summer is a time for sharing and celebrating and this class will provide some inspiration for your festive table. From an ouzo-cured ocean trout with a fennel & herb salad, and an octopus salad, to roast pork (free range, offcourse) with the perfect crackling. Added to this, dolmades (with fresh vine leaves) baked lima beans (gigandes) a grilled stone fruit and manouri cheese salad, and a fresh bean and herb salad. For an exotic dessert, ekmek kadaifi.


2018 Program coming soon....